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Mind in Somerset’s Young Person Service recognise that it isn’t always easy to talk about our emotional and mental wellbeing. Fear about what others may say, being laughed at or judged can often stop us, making us feel alone.

Mental wellbeing can be affected by all sorts of things – stress, exams, relationships, problems at home or school, bullying and the loss of someone close. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel the way we do – we just do!

Our peer support groups offer an opportunity to meet with others who may be experiencing similar issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Run by a team of staff and volunteers, our sessions are an opportunity to talk and share experiences, whilst learning strategies and gaining the tools to build confidence and cope better with life’s ups and downs.

We also offer one-to-one sessions in a variety of places across Somerset. These offer an opportunity to talk to someone who will not judge you, and who will support you to  build confidence and self-esteem to reach your goals. 

We believe that everyone has their own challenges at some time, and therefore will get different things from the sessions. Every person that comes into contact with a young person has the ability to impact on his or her mental health and wellbeing – the staff and volunteers have a wealth of experience and are able to offer positive role models to the young people that work with us

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