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Mind is a fun inclusive experience and has given me lots of help with self-care and ideas for keeping myself busy and ensuring I take care of myself with good coping mechanisms. I have found that the staff that work at mind care a lot about young people and are easy to talk to.

Sometimes talking to someone who is not involved in our day to day lives and who will really listen to what we are saying, without judging us, can make us feel better.

**Due to service capacity we are currently unable to accept referrals for 121 youth services. Please ring Mindline or use our live chat service if you would like immediate support**

PO_P25_2Our confidential listening service is not a counselling service but our youth workers allow you to talk about your feelings and experiences and anything else on your mind. We believe getting things out in the open can make you feel better and can help you to resolve issues you may be facing, our youth workers try to empower young people and build their confidence so they can make choices to better their own lives.

Youth Matters staff work for you and it is up to you what you want to talk to us about, if you ask for our advice we will try to find the answer or signpost you to another organisation who can help you.

There is not a limit on the number of sessions we offer but we do ask you what you would like to achieve and will review progress regularly so that we can check you are happy with our support and improve our service if necessary.

Some young people feel more confident to join our peer support groups after they have had 121 sessions, and then help other young people whilst receiving ongoing support for themselves, knowing that they can request 121 support again in future if they ever feel like they need it again.

How do I join Youth Matters?

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