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Mind in Somerset’s corporate training packages combines expert experience with enthusiasm and passion to enable managers and companies to create mentally healthy and well supported workplaces. We strive to empower companies to maximize the mental health and wellbeing potential of their teams and help identify changes and tools to manage challenges and build resilience.

To find out more about the experience of clients we’ve worked with in the past, take a look at a selection of testimonials below.

“I went on a course myself and members of my team also were able to benefit from the funded places. It gave me both a wider range of knowledge and skills and also the confidence to use them. In terms of the team here, those that did training have said that they feel much better able to help and make a difference for others. I would not have attended this course without the funding and so I think this assistance makes all the difference to inclusivity, breaking down barriers and breaking down stigma too. I have really valued being able to access this for myself and the team. It also makes a difference that it is with such a high-profile charity. I think that gives an extra feeling of confidence in the skill of the practitioners who are running the course. My worst fear would be learning the wrong thing with a poorly run course, but this important subject feels so safe in Mind’s hands.”  

– Bel Deering – RSPCA – L2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health


“I attended the Introduction to Suicide Intervention Skills Workshop in June 2022, which was well attended by interesting people from diverse backgrounds. The workshop allowed plenty of discussion and supported me to reflect on how I can prepare to help friends and family going forward, I feel more confident to approach people who are struggling and know what can and cannot help. We covered a lot, looking at societal barriers and actual individual experiences. I came away with skills and new insights – really well put together, supportive workshop, I feel lucky I got this opportunity to learn vital first aid skills. Having recently retired I am now considering volunteering to use skills I picked up working as a HR Manager and re directing them to further support peoples welfare .” 

– KA – Introduction to Suicide Intervention Support Skills (Somerset)


“I requested a place as my 21-year-old daughter has Mental Health needs and has suicidal thoughts. She has attempted suicide a number of times and I wanted to become better equipped to help her when she is approaching crisis point. I found the course informative and reassuring whilst offering a good source of knowledge and skills for me to hopefully keep my daughter safer in the future. I have already found that it has helped me to talk with her in a more appropriate way that empowers both of us and we are able to speak freely about suicide without the fear of frightening the other person. This is a huge step. Having completed this course I feel a better understanding of her needs and ours supporting her. It would be a shame if funding was withdrawn as courses such as these and others on offer are valuable not only to professionals but also carers who are struggling to manage and cope with situations in the isolation of their own homes. For them the need to be connected with other people in similar situations or to get information when they haven’t been able to access it anywhere else is essential and a lifesaver. It is imperative that service isn’t lost. In a society where the emphasis is put on providing care in the community these courses are a lifeline, a social network and a huge learning tool for many people.”

– MW – Introduction to Suicide Intervention Support Skills


“Mental health difficulties in the people we see takes up a large portion of our work, completing the 2 days of training gave a good grounding in supporting this on a day to day basis but also giving information about longer-term support that we can access for young people. The manual has been great and it has pride of place on my bookshelf! Following changes within the team over recent months I have been able to support new staff with knowledge gained from the training”

– Anonymous – L2 Award in First Aid For Mental Health (Youth)


“When you do something day to day practice becomes embedded and the training offered useful strategies and information that we were not previously aware of which encouraged us to change some of our practices to better support people” – L2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health “It was good to meet different people and visit the venue in Yeovil. The teaching staff were very accommodating and approachable. I feel more confident, and I have been able to add it to my CV, in turn it has shown potential work placements that I have a commitment to ongoing learning. I have since been offered 3 counselling work placements and so I had a choice about where I conduct my clinical hours. I have been out of mainstream employment for 12 years or more, and so by completing the courses I felt like it was a good integration back into work and understanding how procedures have changed” 

– Terry Edser – Student Counsellor and Volunteer Student Addictions Support Worker/Counsellor (L2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health)


“Jess the trainer at Mind in Somerset was an amazing person to listen to and was so passionate, she really made the difference to me. The course has enabled me to be able to engage others in more conversation and to help identify signposting that I can recommend. I have also created a mental health advice pamphlet which I will add to our staff noticeboards which will help encourage staff to talk and also to signpost people to where they can gain support from. We are extremely grateful to Somerset Skills & Learning for enabling this training to be made available. Without this funding, despite knowing the importance and the difference that it can make, I would not have been able to attend. Thank you!”

– Alexis Hawkes – HR & H&S Officer Brainwave (L2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health)


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