Suicide Bereavement Counselling 


There are no fees for any of our suicide bereavement services, we are a Public Health funded service.  

We offer up to 12 structured therapeutic counselling sessions with a trained professional. 

All of our counselling team are insured contractors who provide specialist counselling support. 

While counselling support may be beneficial to some clients, there will occasionally be situations where we will call on additional support from our Crisis Safe Space teams or other Open Mental Health services.

We may ask you to attend support sessions prior to referring for counselling support, this may be if your bereavement has happened recently or you have experienced acute emotional distress, or mental health crisis. 

There is no waiting list for our services and we will match you with one of our skilled counsellors as soon as possible. There is usually no more than 3 weeks from referral to first appointment. 




Should you wish to pursue counselling for another reason other than suicide bereavement Mind has it’s own low cost counselling service. You can contact our general counselling team by emailing:

[email protected]