About Bridging the Gap

We are a support and advocacy project for Somerset Council tenants living in the former Somerset West and Taunton council housing who have mental wellbeing issues. Mental wellbeing can be defined as having life satisfaction, optimism, self-esteem, a sense of belonging and being able to cope with daily life and all its stresses and strains.

Our particular areas of focus are Halcon, North Taunton and Wellington, although we will take referrals from any Somerset Council tenants living in the former Somerset West and Taunton council housing who needs our help. We are part of the One Team; a scheme set up by the police, which also involves other agencies. If you think we may be able to help you please contact us.

A client’s point of view

When I came to Bridging the Gap I felt I was at a crossroads and was unable to see a clear and manageable future. I was nervous and wasn’t sure if speaking to someone would help me as I am a very private person. However the staff made me feel very comfortable and made me feel I was in charge of my future. They helped clear my view and helped me find myself again. Which led to me feeling strength, and able to sit back in the driving seat of my own life. Once I had found this inner strength it helped me make clear choices in my life, and the steps I needed to take to get to where I wanted to be. Having someone to talk to when I was in a place I felt isolated and lonely made every difference to my life, and talking out and finding help is the hardest step but it truly gets easier with every step you take after that. Bridging the Gap changed my thought process which helped me change my life.

We will…

  • Listen and offer emotional support where needed
  • Provide mental health information
  • Signpost to appropriate services
  • Identify options
  • Accompany someone to meetings or appointments, as a supportive presence
  • Represent clients in situations where they don’t feel able to represent themselves
  • Help with letters, emails, phone calls

As well as offer support with…

  • Domestic abuse issues
  • Self-harm
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Mental health issues

Bridging the Gap in the Community is unable to offer…

  • Counselling
  • Befriending
  • Mediation

How to access this service

We are grateful for support from: