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Somerset Skills and Learning

We are very proud to be working in partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning (SS&L) and offering the following courses and workshops.

This year, our courses are being divided into tiers:

Tier 1 – Awareness – designed to provide an overview or introduction to a subject. Suitable for learners who wish to gain insight to the subject – £5
Tier 2 –  Skills – suitable for learners who have completed a beginner level or have previous experience and knowledge in the chosen subject or within a similar subject area and who wish to progress and explore the subject in depth – £10
Tier 3 – Interventionsuitable for those wishing to explore further and learn more comprehensive content. These are accredited programs that provide advanced learning, specialized techniques, and strategies to support learners in becoming proficient in their chosen field – £15

The aim is for learners to progress through the tiers to increase their knowledge and clearly see what their next steps are instead of participating in multiple courses at the same level.


Important: These courses are open to anyone aged 19+, has lived in the UK for 3+ years and has a Somerset address (Excluding North Somerset & BANES).  If you would like to sign up any of the courses, it is essential that you use a personal email address when enrolling in order for us to claim funding for your space. Work email addresses will not be accepted.
As part of SS&L’s funding rules, anyone who earns under £25k per year is eligible for 1 free course at each tier but must prove their income is below the threshold

To be added to our mailing list to be notified of future SS&L course dates, please email [email protected] 

Transgender Awareness (Tier 1 - Awareness)

This Transgender Awareness Training is an accessible online workshop that offers insights into the challenges faced by the transgender community and explores ways in which Society can be more inclusive. This training provides a safe and supportive environment where one can openly ask questions without fear of offence. Designed to support individuals in raising awareness and challenging stigma.  

  • Friday 14th June- 9:30-12:30 – Online – Enrol here
Understanding Anger Awareness (Tier 1 - Awareness)

This workshop explores what anger is, why we feel angry and useful skills to help manage anger and de-escalate situations where anger becomes an issue.

  • Monday 17th June – 9:30-12:30 – Online – Enrol Here
Hearing Voices Awareness (Tier 1 - Awareness)

This workshop aims to help learners understand what is meant by “hearing voices” and “hallucinations” and how they can affect a person’s daily life. You will also learn how to support someone who hears voices and hallucinates, and what support is available for you to signpost to.

  • Friday 21st June – 9:30-12:30 – Online – Enrol Here
Mental Health and Menopause Awareness (Tier 1 - Awareness)

This online workshop has been designed to increase community alertness and confidence to better understand the correlation between mental health symptoms and the menopause.  

  • Tuesday 25th June – 9:30-12:30 – Online – Enrol Here
Support Skills for Bereavement Conversations (Tier 2 -  Skills)

A workshop aimed at learners who support people that have suffered a bereavement, to help guide them through difficult conversations and offers signposting to supporting services. 

We have now finished the deliveries of this workshop.

Introduction to Suicide Intervention Support Skills and Services (Tier 2 -  Skills)

Introduction to Suicide Intervention Support Skills workshop has been designed to increase suicide alertness and community confidence to engage with individuals who have suicidal thoughts. This workshop is delivered in partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning. Why should I do it? The workshop explores, barriers to talking, engaging people with further support and the importance of understanding limitations, boundaries, and self-care.

  • Monday 24th June – 9:30-12:30 – Online – Enrol Here
Adult Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health (Tier 3 - Intervention)

This distance learning course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise a range of mental health conditions, start supportive conversations and understand when and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate support.Upon completion, learners will receive an Ofqual L2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health.

  • Tuesday 11th  and Thursday 13th June – 10:00-1:00 – Online – Enrol Here
Youth Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health (Tier 3 - Intervention)

This internationally recognised course is designed specifically for those people who teach, work, live with or care for young people aged 8 – 18. You will learn to support a young person who might be experiencing mental and emotional distress. Alongside this, you will learn how to provide information, tools and techniques to build an environment which promotes young people’s mental and emotional wellbeing. The course is split into four sections: What is Mental Health?, Suicide and Psychosis, Anxiety and Depression and Self-harm and Eating Disorders.

  • Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June – 10:00-1:00 – Online – Enrol here

SS&L Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are these courses for? 

These courses are aimed at anyone who lives in Somerset who wants to help improve their community. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience to attend any of our courses. In order to attend, you must enrol with a Somerset home address and a personal email address. Work addresses and/or email addresses will not be accepted. 

Are these courses free? 

As part of SS&L’s funding rules, anyone who earns under £25k per year is eligible for 1 free course at each tier but must prove their income is below the threshold. If you have any queries about eligibility, contact SS&L on 0330 332 7997. 

If you are eligible, you will be asked to provide proof of eligibility. 

If you do not meet eligibility criteria, then the cost of the courses will be as follows:  

  • Awareness (Tier 1) – £5 
  • Skills (Tier 2) – £10 
  • Intervention (Tier 3) – £15 

Payment will be requested after enrolment. 

What are the tiers? How do they work? 

The intention of the tiers is that learners progress their knowledge by following through the tiers instead of completing multiple courses at the same level. By separating our courses into tiers, learners can clearly see what their next step may be and chose a path that suits them. We suggest that you choose your course carefully, but if you feel that completing another course within the same tier would be beneficial to you, please let us know and we can discuss this with you further. 

Do I have to start with Tier 1? 

No, you can start with any course you like, but we hope that you will find an interest and want to move up a tier after you have finished. 

How do I enrol? 

To enrol, click the links for each course above. You will be taken to the SS&L website where you will have to sign in or create a new account to enrol. You will then be contacted by our team to request payment if you are not eligible for funding. 

My course runs for 2 days, do I need to attend both? 

The Adult and Youth Level 2 in First Aid for Mental Health are nationally accredited courses, so full attendance for both days (and the assessment for online deliveries) is required. 

I have enrolled onto a course and cannot attend, what can I do? 

If you are unable to attend, please let us know via email as soon as possible. Payments are non-refundable so please bare this in mind when you enrol. 

I’m having issues with my SS&L account, what do I do?

If you have any issues with your SS&L account (e.g. forgotten password, problems enrolling), please contact SS&L on 0330 332 7997. We are unable to assist with any issues relating to your account or the enrollement system.


Upcoming Mind in Somerset Workshops

We are also happy to announce that we will have new workshops coming soon.

DBT and Trauma Informed Practice

More information coming soon.

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