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Introduction to Mind in Somerset Services and Support Session

These FREE sessions are designed for any organisation that wants to gain insight into Mind in Somerset and promote awareness of mental health. The talk covers the services we provide, an understanding of what mental health is and how to start a conversation around this topic.

Mood and Food

Join our trainers as we explore the relationship between the food we eat and how this affects our mental wellbeing. You will learn about factors that influence our dietary behaviours and how diet can be optimized for better mental health. This workshop covers the relationship between diet/nutrition and brain health ​, factors that influence food choices and dietary behaviours, barriers to eating well​ and more. All participants will receive supporting resources and take aways to supplement the workshop content. Certificate of attendance, available upon request and a report of feedback shared with the client for reference and records post workshop.

Children and Young Peoples Wellbeing

More information coming soon.

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