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What is 1:1 support?


Our 1:1 support sessions are facilitated by a trained member of support staff and can provide you with a safe and confidential space where you can explore feelings or practical matters around your bereavement. 1:1 support is not counseling, but our highly trained and skilled support staff can provide a space for you to talk and begin to think about what you need.


Who can we support? 


Anyone age 5+ who lives in the Somerset area affected by suicide bereavement. 


What practical things can we help with?

Somerset Coroners Service 

Funeral planning 

Guidance around police complaints 

Links to financial guidance following your bereavement 

Media and communicating the news publicly 

Work and taking time away 

And other concerns 


How long does support last? 

We spend roughly around three months with each client, reviewing intermittently so that we can keep track of how you feel during support time and if you are feeling that it’s beneficial. This guide recognises that their is no linier path during suicide bereavement, and there may be times where we can approach this with more, or less flexibility – dependant on the individual circumstances. 


What if I need some other kind of support?

We can navigate you to find alternatives or signpost you to other services or organisations. It isn’t uncommon for us to work alongside other agencies or support providers, as long as there is no duplication in the same work.


What if I need someone out of office hours? 

We have positive links with Open Mental Health and can also make appointments through the Crisis Safe Space services if at any time you are in emotional distress outside of our working hours and need to see someone face to face. Mindline also operates a 24/7 helpline – this is who our main helpline is diverted to outside of 9-5 Mon-Fri. 


How long will I have to wait? 

We currently have no waiting list for support sessions, and will respond to your initial enquiry within 72hrs. You should wait no longer than 3 weeks from first contact for a support worker to schedule their first session with you  


Where can sessions happen? 

We have offices in: 



Yeovil and 

Shepton Mallet 

Our support staff will be able to meet you in one of these spaces. If it is not possible for us to meet you face to face initially then we can schedule online appointment via Teams or by calling you on the phone. 

When supporting children we may recommend that sessions happen at school, depending on the circumstances surrounding the bereavement. 


How do I request an assessment for support sessions or other assistance? 

Contact [email protected] 


What happens when support ends? 

We will signpost you to other support where needed, or some people may wish to be assessed for counselling after support sessions. Many of our clients decide to go into our Peer Groups, which happen both online and in every locality across Somerset.  Some clients also feel they may need a one off support session around the inquest or on an anniversary. You can call the Helpline on 0300 330 5463 to talk about this further. 


How do I give feedback about my support 

Just click HERE and you will be taken to a anonymous online form where you can leave feedback. Anyone directly involved in your support – family or professional can leave feedback. 


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