19th May 10am-12pm
Being happy is what we all aspire to – but how do we achieve it?

What do we need in our lives to make us happier?


This short interactive online course will explore some top tips to achieve greater happiness and contentment.

This course will be relevant to anyone who wants to be happier!


On this 2 hour online course delegates can expect to learn: 

· About the power of choice and being in control

· To explore what makes you happy and the importance of

   goal setting to achieve it.

· How to recognise the ‘Thoughts – Words – Action’ cycle

   and how to break it.

· The power of gratitude

· The ‘Happiness Lucky Dip’


The course will be followed by an informal, facilitated online session 1 month later for participants to share their learning and how they have put it in to practice.

Additional access to 1:1 online coaching will also be discussed and information to access will be shared. 

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