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Anger Management at Your Venue

A one-day course or 3 two-hour sessions, covering:

  • Understanding the reasons for conflict, physical effects of adrenaline upon body, why this occurs, Self-rating of anger and management of same. Breathing techniques.
  • Understanding behavioural styles, Passive, Aggressive, Passive/Aggressive, Assertive and identification of self in these behaviours. Assertive Rights. Bill Bob and Bryony case study, Sue doesn’t return acknowledgement and how this affects people in different ways. Understanding of CBT cycle
  • Thinking Styles and self-identification of same. Use and understanding of own CBT cycle and ABC diary (Activating event, Beliefs, Consequences (emotional, behavioural)
  • ABCDE diary, transfer and continuing of ABD diary to include Dispute of original beliefs and Effects. Understanding criticism, application of knowledge to self, understanding thinking styles as support for criticism and removal of defence and attack during situations of perceived negative criticism.
  • Cognitive Model of Anger, identifying skills and behavioural deficits in self. Communication blockers and boosters. Why communicate? What goes wrong and why it does. How to make it work. Managing others communication effectively. Understanding of same and identification in self. Where in Cognitive Model of Anger are these placed. Problem solving model to follow as a source of self-control, achievement and frustration prevention.

£100/delegate (min 5 delegates). Please contact us for larger numbers of delegates.

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