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R.O.A.R : Relax- Open- Accept – Receive 

To join please contact us at [email protected] 

0300 330 5463

When someone takes their own life, it can be a very frightening, lonely and overwhelming time and can leave you with a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. We know that this can be even harder for young people, already facing many challenges and changes in their lives.
Many young people who are bereaved by suicide find themselves feeling lonely and isolated and unsure where to turn to or who they can talk to.

Our Young People’s Peer Support Group offers a safe space where you can be with other young people who have also lost someone important to them through suicide.
We meet monthly and use lots of different creative ways to help you to talk about your grief and loss with others who understand.

If you would like support but have questions or feel unsure for any reason, call or email us and we will try and help you.



This project is supported by Somerset County Council Public Health



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