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Fundraising Ideas during Coronavirus (Courtesy of Local Giving.org)

Spring is a time that Mind in Somerset – along with 100’s of other charities – depends on donations from the myriad of events that would have been taking place. Even though these events are no longer able to take place, we need your support now more than ever.
The results of the Coronavirus crisis has meant that, at Mind in Somerset, we have seen a substantial increase in the demand for our services. This increase in demand is likely to continue for many months and even years to come.
Under these challenging circumstances we are calling on your imagination and creativity to come up with ways that you and your employees can continue to FUNdraise for us. This is a great way to bring your teams together (albeit virtually) at a time when people may be feeling isolated.
We are sure that you will have your own ideas but here are a few to spark the imagination.







For those of us who are lucky enough to be able to work from home, you may be saving a lot of money from your commute!! Whether it be your bus or petrol fees – why not donate your weekly travel costs and ask your colleagues, friends and family to do the same?


You can still get outdoors to challenge yourself and your fitness levels while practising social distancing! We have already seen some incredibly creative examples in the media of individuals running the equivalent of a marathon in their back garden and even climbing Everest via the stairs!!  
Why not set yourself (and your colleagues) a walking, running or biking target – or a squat, plank or press up challenge at home. Make it even more fun by competing (remotely) with your work colleagues.
If you usually walk to work – why not do the equivalent walk at the same time each day. Not only can you ask people to sponsor you, but it will help you to maintain some structure and routine to your day.


Now that you finally have enough time to read those books that have been piling up on your bedside table, why not set yourself an ambitious goal of reading 10 books in 60 days (or whatever works for you). Why not team up with work colleagues to read the same books and join in for an online virtual book club afterwards.


Who doesn’t love a pub quiz and – just because you can’t get to the pub – doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate the atmosphere at home. You can invite work colleagues to participate with a suggested donation to take part. There are plenty of video chat websites and apps such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facetime. Or you could even use specific apps that allow you to video chat and play games simultaneously such as House Party to help unleash your competitive side!!


We all have our vices – whether it be chocolate, fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol, your phone or social media. Ask family and friends to donate to Mind in Somerset by supporting you by giving something up  for 30 days (or more – or less – whatever works for you) You will be fundraising for a good cause  and cultivating better habits at the same time (Hint : Its harder than you think to avoid those biscuits  when you are spending so much time at home!!)


If, like us here at Mind in Somerset, you are guilty of spending too much money on your takeout coffee, you may be better off financially during lockdown! Why not work out the amount that you would spend on your daily or weekly coffee and donate the equivalent amount.


With unlimited access to a plethora of films and shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, you could set yourself a 24-hour challenge to get through as many movies as you can – and get sponsored for doing so!! What about all the Harry Potter films in one go or all episodes of Friends or Game of Thrones!!!


With a suggested entry fee to the competition and encouraging all different sorts of talent (singing, dancing, acting, painting, stand-up comedy, hula hooping, dog tricks etc etc) you are all set for an evening of hilarity with your work mates. You could even get the boss to be the judge!!



This is a great one for you and your colleagues whilst on lockdown. Even better if you can persuade the boss to join in!! Set yourself a fundraising target and let people know when the target has been reached – then you can live film, yourself dyeing your hair or beard a crazy colour.
One of our supporters just had his dreadlocks shaved off in support of Mind in Somerset and another had his head and eyebrows shaved!!

Thank you for continuing to support Mind in Somerset.

We shall look forward to hearing your crazy ideas!!!

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